An appearance of a girl you are starting relations with is surely important. Young guys often search for an ideal of beauty they see on pages of glossy zines. Older men are more realistic in their wishes, that’s why marriage with them is real for ordinary women.

As a rule, representatives of various nationalities have various image of women’s beauty. Western men like slim girls, and eastern ones like chubby ones. Eastern men will better prefer a blonde girl, while western ones marry brunettes. They have different tastes, but all those who have been to Ukraine assert that the most beautiful girls live here.

An ordinary Ukrainian girl whom men can consider a pretty and attractive one can be either tall or short, slim or chubby, have a short haircut or long hair. A zest of Ukrainian beauty lays in the fact that girls often have bright faces that attract attention. Such an impression can be made by the form and size of eyes, bending of eybrows, form of lips etc. or their combination in general.

However, those who value model appearance will have something to see in Ukraine. It is quite fashionable among local beauties to have a height of 66-72 inches, long legs, and slim figure. Long well-cared-for hair and natural eyebrows are also in trend.
There are many qualities except appearance which Ukrainian women possess. They are liberation, knowing how to control one’s mimics, and an actor’s talent. However, many men agree that beauty is not the main thing in a woman. Some foreigners are attracted by a mysterious Slavic soul apt to self-sacrifice and forgiveness. There is nothing strange in such wishes of men, as, for instance, European women are more pragmatic and less romantic. Men, despite all popular opinions, would better like to have not a strong partner, but a loving and understanding woman near them.