A Russian woman knows that she is a woman and she likes it… In her heart she feels like a tender, weak and beautiful creature made for love, family and children.
An American woman knows that she is a personality and has equal rights for self-expression as any man does. It means she doesn’t differ from him much in her inner world.
Girls from Russia use make-up, pay serious attention to haircuts, dye their hair, use nail color.
American women seldom use make-up to strengthen their brightness. It is considered to be bad manners – ‘bright make-up and bouffant are used by women of pleasure and prostitutes’.
Russian women try to be beautiful – they dress quite sexy, like form-fitting clothes, transparent and any that emphasizes and shows advantages of her body: breasts, nifty legs, thighs… Loss of sexuality for a Russian woman is a loss of femininity and it means a loss of self-esteem.
American women dress quite formless, clothes concealing peculiarities of their body, breasts, legs. In Russia an opinion is quite widespread that an American woman means broad jeans, trainers, an undershirt and a T-shirt above it. And a personality inside all this. Such a manner of dressing is an absolute flatness from a Russian point of view.
For American women a family is a presence of two parents for a child that naturally favorably affects their development. And men sometimes interfere with women in this pedagogical process.
Russian girls are women for a family. They are wives… and a child for them is happiness that can be given to herself and to her beloved husband. An aim of a family is to live long and happily and die one day with a husband, surrounded by children, grandchildren and grand grandchildren. A family is a value by itself. A married Russian woman has a higher social status.
Sex is good, especially when it is good for everybody. In Russia this topic was closed for discussion for a long time, and now… sex is fun, it tones up and it confuses.
In Russia one likes to joke about sex and speak in equivoques about it, but not directly.
American girls treat sex easier… They can quite calmly discuss their oral sex experience in front of a camera on some TV-channel. Sex is allowed, needed and useful. And it is not very much connected with marriage. Women and men are equal in their ‘sex rights’.
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