The objective of the romance tour to Ukraine is to introduce you to as many single and lonely women (ukraine brides) as possible in the best possible situation (including Tet-a-Tet). During your tour we will schedule meeting every day you want, you'll meet with the ladies you want - at the place you want.

Romantic Tour includes:
Visa support (if necessary).
Assistance with airline reservations.
Hotel or apartment reservations.
Meeting at "Boryspil" airport and transfer to our city.
Hotel or apartment accommodation.
A car with a driver (not includet in price romantic tour).
Guide's services.
Everyday meetings with the ladies you chose and psychologist's assistance in choosing the woman of your dream.
Tours throughout the city, going out to restaurants, night clubs and other places you would like to visit.
Transfer to the airport.

During your stay in Ukraine the car with the driver in yours the order for trips on the Kiev, Odessa, Nikolaev, Kherson, Lugansk and more. All the time you will be accompanied with the translator of agency. According to your desire the help of the psychologist will be offered to you. Your residing at comfortable hotel or apartment pays our marriage agency. You pay only the meals and drinks. We are happy to see you as our client, to make your staying in Ukraine unforgettable and to make your wish come true.
We do not specify how to spend time in Ukraine. You make your own decision how to spend your time. All depends on your wish. We can only advise possible variants. Now, when you have got a general impression about our services and looked through our catalogue - and made your mind to cooperate with us, please, fill in the form attentively.
We also can will take care of your air tickets. Please use the form of search of flights to order air tickets. You also can write directly on ours e-mail that we could take care of it. To order the air ticket through our site very conveniently, you will save a lot of time, thanking that that air tickets to you will be delivered to that directly home. You keep money, due to that that contracts with many airlines are signed and you will get tickets with the significant discount. Simply compare our prices.
If you have any questions or any propositions, let us know as soon as possible and you will be contacted not by an automated administrator/host of the site, but by a person of our staff. All your wants will be considered and taken into account. We guarantee to you full safety for all period of your staying in Ukraine. Our clients' wishes are the basis of our prestige and impeccable reputation - and we have a considerable number of satisfied and happy clients all over the world! Have happiness with ukrainian women from marriage agency ""!