1. Russian women are the most beautiful. The majority of foreigners from different countries are ready to put up with it. But, together with it, our compatriots use tons of make-up no matter if it is appropriate or not. They cream foundation even when they go to a beach, and are ready to wear high heels for the whole day.
2. Finding themselves in a foreign country, girls start snapping eyes with curiosity and excess bewildering foreign women by their tactlessness. But such a shocking and aggressive behavior is quite reasonable, as there are less men than women in Russia.
3. We take all our best with us. Russian women dress during their trips to capture in photos their best clothes. Summer is short in our country, there is no time to wear summer clothes. Where else if not on vacation can one show oneself at one’s best? However, you can see it by yourself in the photos
4. At the same time, clothes often look fussy and its possessor looks pompous in them, and colors don’t coincide. Our compatriots’ liking of brands tells Russians among foreigners.
5. Our country is big and compatriots are proud of its wonderful language. Russians abroad often keep speaking their mother tongue without even taking any efforts to learn a few phrases of the country they are travelling to. Many of them think that hotel’s staff should necessarily speak Russian and if it doesn’t, Russians may even become outraged.

6. Having looked attentively at girl’s clothes and accessories one can see Russian words or national symbols. T-shirts with letterings ‘Russia’, names of football teams, three-colored elements resembling of the flag are quite fashionable among tourists. Besides, some things may be specifically national: Russian hat, colored handkerchiefs in hohloma style, a downy palatine.
7. Russian women often betray themselves with an incredulous look. In comparison with foreigners, Russians used to smile less without cause. Compatriots feel distrust and awareness to a stranger turning to them. However, in big companies Russians get used to behave noisily and laugh loudly putting more reserved Germans and British out of temper. As a rule, while celebrating a holiday in a restaurant, they put tables together, celebrate in a big way, sing songs and drink much alcohol.
8. Russian people spend much money when they rest and almost never bargain, for what they are loved in many countries. A big heart and a large scale are seen here as nowhere. Rich women, for example, first buy jewelry and than clothes fitting to it. But having lived abroad for some time they start adhering to some price limits.